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View out the airplane window en rout from London to the Balkans. Airplane wing in view, clouds, and sunset.

Book an Airport  Hotel Room by the Hour for Your Next Long Layover

Let’s face it: Long layovers are the worst, and sometimes, leaving the airport really isn’t an option. I had one such layover recently, and I discovered that some airport hotels book rooms by the hour. You can save money over the hotel’s standard rate, check in when you need to, and, especially when the hotel is right in the terminal, you can just turn up when it’s time to board your flight. While not exactly cheap, it’s a little luxury that can make a hard travel day much more manageable. Here’s how to find one and tips for booking.
Jet wing in a dusky blue sky

Jet Lag Feels Like Swimming in Pea Soup: 21 Tips to Help Deal

As I’m about to swim in pea soup, aka experience jet lag, I thought that now presented a good time to share my best tips for dealing with it, using a particularly grueling journey to Vienna as an example. Please (like, really, please) let me know your best tips in the comments!