What a long, strange summer.

It started out with such hope and lightness. Hugs. My six-year-old niece spoke for us all, “I missed your WHOLE face!”

I saw a lot of whole faces in those heady first days.

And then. We shall not speak of that.

Instead, I want to remember the long walks with Ollie down to the Charles River. Swimming, the precious few times I could. Boat rides. Flowers and rain. Naps.

Holing up in my bedroom with Ollie, singing love songs to my air conditioner and watching terrible movies as the mercury soared. Thinking.

The familiar crumbling red bridge over the dam in my hometown. Leaves translucent with sunlight. Summer flowers.

Monarch butterflies, and the first autumn leaves on the ground.

Change comes again.

Snaps from my summer.

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