Sundry Wonders recounts what I saw and thought along my walks with Ollie over the past week. Photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T4 (very much a beginner) or my Pixel 5 phone (if we walked in the middle of the day, or I was in a bit of a rush). I’d love to hear about and see what you experienced this week. Let me know in the comments!

Three glorious days we are given

“We get, like, three glorious days a year in New England. We have an obligation to enjoy them,” declared a friend, speaking as a prophet when inviting me out Friday night. Our three days transpired this past week, ending as it started to sprinkle at night as we sat in a courtyard, finishing up our beers.

Bright blue skies, low humidity, cool mornings and warm afternoons this past week. For three days, we lived in California. Sometimes I wonder why I’m not a California person, but if I had to hazard a guess, it would have to do with a need for variety—to have precious few glorious days, yes, but to have them punctuated with early bright foliage.

I would miss gray days

A promise of more color to come, even if it’s then followed by no color at all. My sister lived in South Central California a long time ago. She said that they used to drive four hours up the coast to San Francisco sometimes, just to be able to see some fog. I always laughed at this, looking out on winter misery, but I would feel the same.

Enjoying the sunshine

On our three glorious days, Ollie and I walked in the afternoons, and then again each evening before it got dark. We walked slowly, Ollie taking in lots of smells as squirrels flitted back and forth with acorns and nuts, and me taking in the last green leaves and flowers of the year. I made plans, happy, adventurous plans with other friends and flung the windows open in the afternoons.

Before it disappeared

My friend spoke as a prophet, for Saturday dawned gray and cool. Even Ollie, who in June wakes up at four in the morning, ready to party, slept until nine. I had happy sunshine plans with another friend, but we mutually cancelled, choosing streaming and blankets over tromping around outside.

Our walks this weekend were slow, and hushed, knowing what is coming.

More than three this year

But not just yet. My friend’s prophecy, it seems, was not quite right, because the weathergods have bestowed mercy upon us. Next week’s forecast promises more glorious days. I saw autumn crocuses today, an advance on springtime before the dark.

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