Last week of a long, needed, vacation.

Wandered off in different directions with Ollie, who reveled in new smells and barked at new dogs.

New sights inspired me, especially older industrial buildings in Somerville, as I experimented with my camera. It had been a while since we had gone up the hills, and we meandered through side streets. I learned how Duck Village in Somerville got its name (not because of birds, but because of bootleggers during Prohibition—they used to “duck” into the warren of houses in the neighborhood to hide).

We also took new paths in Cambridge. With so many twists and turns, it’s easy to never walk the same way twice, something I strive to do but sometimes forget when I’m caught up in life.

As we weaved this way and that, and I clumsily got out my camera, I reflected on my privilege involved in being able to do this without fear of harassment or worse, and the injustice of having this simple joy pf taking a walk denied, just because one isn’t White. I do not have answers, but I can’t shy away from it, either. There is work to be done to making walking truly free.

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