Sundry Wonders recounts what I saw and thought about during my walks with Ollie over the past week. Photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T4 (very much a beginner) or my Pixel 5 phone (if we walked in the middle of the day, or I was in a bit of a rush). I’d love to hear about and see what you experienced this week. Let me know in the comments!

Nothing lasts forever

After three days of glorious Spring of Deception, where all of New England sheds its grumpy winter layer and frolics in the sun, snow has returned. Outside, we have a gentle blanket of white fluff and once again we need our coats.

However, this time marks the beginning of hope. Nothing lasts forever.

Light will return; crocuses come up in the spring.

Life begins to stir, quietly gathering strength under the cover of darkness.

Soon, Life whispers. Just a little longer.

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