Sundry Wonders is a weekly column featuring a photo gallery and meditation, based on walks I've taken with Ollie over the last week. Photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T4 (very much a beginner) or my Pixel 5 phone (if we walked in the middle of the day, or I was in a bit of a rush). I’d love to hear about and see what you experienced this week. Let me know in the comments.

Looking for hope

Not going to lie, I am not feeling the wonder right now. I am looking for hope, grasping at straws of faded flowers.

We knew this was coming, and we still were not prepared, I thought, looking to flowers and summer green leaves. Unrelenting waves of bad, bad what? I don’t even know anymore. Unrelenting waves of bad have beaten us down.

Faces of my neighbors on Friday. The older woman, a grim look. Stopped in her tracks when she saw a group of young people about to play music on their porch. One look at her face, and why she had her hands on her hips. I could read her thoughts.

How can we sing?

I feel this.

And yet, we have to sing. We have got to find small joy, small wonder. The perfect blue of a garden flower, lilies growing intertwined with evergreen. Sun filtered through a thousand tiny little green leaves, transforming them into stained glass.

We are looking for hope, but we first need to find wonder, however tiny.

Or the unrelenting waves of bad will crush us.

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