Lo and behold, I actually left Camberville! Along with the seasons, it seems that absolutely everything has changed. I find myself giddy, nervous, a bit sad, and mostly astonished. On Saturday I went into Boston just to stroll around and get reacquainted on a stunner of a day, and it felt like I’d never left. Like an old friend, I suppose.

Speaking of old friends, two of my dearest ones have departed up north for the summer, and, when they return, they’ll likely find themselves on the North Shore. I’m not worried about losing touch; our friendship is strong, but I am already missing them. We clinked glasses Friday night at the place where I had my last normal meal of the Befores; it seems fitting that it was the site of the last “normal” get together as well.

The sun set after eight on the evening I’m writing this. It’s not dark yet. I’m looking out the window at twilight and contemplating the new world.

Snaps from the last couple of weeks: Somerville; Cambridge; Laconia, New Hampshire; and Boston.

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