What a week for long walks. Finally. It. Did. Not. Hurt. To. Be. Outside.  

Exhilarating, even if likely fleeting. Walking on the American Academy of Arts and Sciences grounds, I squished mud with my boots, only just resisting the urge to start puddle stomping. Maybe next time I will give in. 

On our Sunday wander, we encountered a group of teenagers roller skating and skateboarding, whilst Prince’s “1999” boomed. Everything old … as they say. I wondered if they still shoot the duck, but a grown woman standing around a park filled with kids is weird, so we kept moving.  

People out everywhere, including a neighbor I really like but only know her dog’s name (it’s Oscar). 

A bananas lawn strewn artfully with junk on a street I’d somehow never walked on before. 

I pulled down my mask briefly and smelled cigarettes and dryer sheets. 

What did you see on your walks this week? Share in the comments! 

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