This past week was hard. Even in the best of times, I find the first couple of weeks in January challenging, with dark days and work demands. Let’s face it, last week wasn’t exactly the best of times. Today, though, is MLK Day, when we remember the man who spoke truth to White Supremacy. We often lose sight of how unpopular MLK was with White Americans in his lifetime—think of White America’s view of Black Lives Matter today.

Ollie and I walked slowly this week, when it wasn’t raining. I don’t remember this from last year, but much of my neighborhood still has holiday lights up, I think to ward off the gloom of these days. It helps; I’m thinking that I might get my colored lights back out.

We spent a lot of time on the grounds of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and I looked to the sky often. A wasp nest on the ground. Along the fence surrounding e.e. cumming’s house, a lone rusted leaf in the ivy captivated me.

What did you see on your walks this week?

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