From snowy, bitter cold to slush to heat, wind, and rain, and then cold, bare ground.

A woman skipping rope on her porch, a complicated rhythm as the plastic hit the wood and her feet dodged the rope. Her face faraway, concentrating.

A little boy, jumping into snowy remnants, smashing ice with his heel, yelling triumphantly. Falling behind his mother as her reveled in his destructive force. After they turned a corner, I kicked some snow too.

The sound of salt grinding under my boots. Stopping to help Ollie—his waxed paws sometimes no match for the painful street.

A walk through Harvard Square with a friend. Not going into stores this time of year felt strange, we said, and we mourned dearly departed spots.

Seeing red and green everywhere Christmas Eve, bricks and moss and ivy.

Church bells sounding, just as I looked up to snap the steeple.

My masked face missing the clean winter air.

Learning to use my new camera. Feeling a bit awkward, but enjoying the process.

A faded sign in a faded booth that read, “There’s so much more to see in life.”


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