Sundry Wonders recounts what I saw and thought along my walks with Ollie over the past week. Photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T4 (very much a beginner) or my Pixel 5 phone (if we walked in the middle of the day, or I was in a bit of a rush). I’d love to hear about and see what you experienced this week. Let me know in the comments!


Grabbing my winter coat on my way out the door has once again become routine. How quickly we adjust, though if we stop long enough think about it, our heads spin.

Wind whipped the leaves off the trees, faded color all but gone. A little gold and brown here and there. A few snowflakes fell Friday night, illuminated under a streetlamp.

I heard Christmas music from a neighbor’s window. Hanukkah began last night.

Casting ourselves a little light

Our nights grow longer, and so we cast ourselves a little light against the darkness.

Yesterday Ollie and I took our walk in late afternoon, and the streetlamps turned on as though to greet us. I flashed back to when I arrived at the Danube my first night in Budapest at the exact moment everything lit up, magic. My eyes spontaneously filled with tears I tried to discretely brush away.

Familiar paths

We’re rounding the bend on two years of this strange time, and my feet crunch along the familiar paths of home. I walked along paths worn even deeper in me last week, my original paths, both immediate and strange to me now, wind-driven waves against the granite rocks worn smooth.

I button my coat against the cold darkness and look to the streetlamps.


Casting Ourselves a Little Light

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