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Wooohoo! Winter’s over! (well, almost)

Honestly, as I write this, winter isn’t quite finished with New England yet (it rarely is in March), especially here, but I care not.  It’s spring in my heart, so I’m getting excited to cook spring dishes! Here’s a spring recipes roundup from Wonder & Sundry as well as some of my favorites from my cookbook shelf and around the internet.

Spring is my favorite season. Everything is new and full of hope. In New England, early spring cooking requires a lot of hope. Snow is often on the ground. Maple syrup season, though, that certainly helps. As spring moves into summer, we find more fresh produce. That’s when things really get exciting.

Spring recipes roundup 

As spring recipes get added to the blog, you’ll find them here.

Spring recipes from around the internet that I enjoy or want to try

In early spring, I’m all about making spring stews and soups, but as the season goes on, I want more salads and fruit.

Spring main dishes

When I think about spring main dishes, I think of lamb. I suppose spring chickens, too, but mostly lamb.

  • This recipe for Lamb with Artichokes sounds absolutely divine.
  • Speaking of lamb dishes, I love making Navarin d’Agneau , a spring French lamb stew with as many recipes as there are cooks in France. I tend to make one that’s a cross between Dorie Greenspan (affiliate link), and a much lighter one that Rachel Khoo developed (the best link I could find for the recipe, here).

Other spring recipes I want to try

Eat Seasonally!

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