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Spring Bucket List 2024: celebrate spring’s possibilities

If you’re a longtime reader, you know that my favorite season is spring. Winter, I have had to learn how to enjoy it (a trip to Mexico City near the end of this past one certainly helped!). Summer, I had to fall back in love with it. Fall is lovely (except when you get Covid), but Spring gets me excited. Everything seems possible this time of year. This year, I want to have my best spring yet, and, to do it, I’ve created my Spring Bucket List 2024.

Let’s make Spring Bucket Lists!

Unlike my Winter Bucket List, I didn’t need to ease my way into creating this fun-packed list of Spring delights. I invite you to make one with me! To help, there’s a FREE template for you below (subscribe for details)! I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to this season! Tag me on Instagram with your progress (@wonderandsundry) , and I’ll share your update in my stories!

Spring Bucket List

My Spring Bucket List for 2024

My word of the year this year is extraordinary, and this year, I want to focus on experiences that will make my life even more wonderful. And, for me, this year, that means having a lot more fun. These items are all about having more fun in the moment and moving toward a life more extraordinary.

Without further ado, here’s my list! I’ll update this throughout the season with my progress.

1. View the total eclipse!

On 8 April, a total eclipse will sweep through much of the US, including northern New Hampshire! I’ve seen eclipses before (we had one in Boston in 2017), but I have never been directly in the path of totality.

While I can’t quite justify spending thousands of dollars on a package deal to do the eclipse up in style, I certainly can drive less than two hours north to grab a spot somewhere to share in this singular experience with thousands of my new best friends. I’ve found myself singing You’re So Vain, but I’ve changed “Nova Scotia” to “New Hampshire.”

If you’re planning on viewing the eclipse this list from the American Astronomical Society can help you find appropriate eyewear. Let me know if you go, especially if you’re in New Hampshire!

2. Visit more New Hampshire restaurants

I have a confession to make: I have misjudged New Hampshire eateries. For a while there, the restaurant scene in this part of New Hampshire was something I found a bit lacking. Perhaps it was city snobbery, but I’ve realized that I have some crow to eat, along with delicious meals, because the dining and food scene here has changed. New Hampshire is representing in this year’s James Beard Awards semifinalists, and we also have some other yummy options.

A dear old friend of mine who recently moved back to the area clued me into some of this, and this spring, I’m on a mission to expand my culinary horizons in the Granite State. I’ll include my findings in my upcoming guide.

3. Continue my fiction kick

I had a very long break from fiction (someone else I know did, too, though my break lasted a lot longer). Over the winter, I read three novels, including a very long one. I’m still reading the Heaven and Earth Grocery Store. While I will probably slot in a few nonfiction books, I think that I’ll keep going with my fiction adventure. I’m accepting any and all reading suggestions and will let you know if I read your suggestion! Comment below!

4. Puddle stomp

When my sister and I were kids, we used to have to dress up to go to church on Easter Sunday. We got our vengeance by going out on a very long walk afterwards in our Sunday best and stomping in every April showers puddle we could find. We would howl laughing and come back soaked (and often freezing—Easter in New Hampshire isn’t always the warmest).

Recapturing some of that childhood joy sounds like a lot of fun. But I’ll probably leave the dressing up for it in the past.

5. Do the things that scare me

Do one thing everyday that scares you. Those small things that make us uncomfortable help us build courage to do the work we do

Eleanor Roosevelt wasn’t talking about looking in the mirror and chanting Bloody Mary, but about taking small steps that lead to big leaps. I have “Do one thing that scares me” as a card in my Wonderful Life game, but I need to get better about making sure that I do it.

For the purpose of my Spring Bucket List, I want to focus on doing things that will bring me joy if I actually do them, even if the thought of trying makes me want to go hide under a blanket.

6. Make Navarin Printanier

The French have a heavenly spring stew with lamb and spring vegetables that is just the essence of coming out of winter into spring. I absolutely love it, but it’s been years since I’ve made it. This spring, I would like to make it.

7. Plan my next adventure

I got back from Mexico City, and I’m looking for my next adventure. There’s a few contenders, and I’d very much like to start taking my Ollie dog with me. Someplace where I’d get a lot of light for the Summer solstice is sounding nice.

8. Continue to get out more

Thankfully challenges from last year are no longer in place, and I’m looking to get out more and reconnect with my friends and get out for more adventures.

9. Find the daily wonder (and let it be fun)

I set a challenge for myself last year, and it worked out so well that I’ve continued it. Every day, I identify my daily wonder. It doesn’t have to be much, and often it isn’t, but my exercise helps me to seek out wonder and joy in my every day life. I’m looking for more fun, and so I am going to find it.

10. (FINALLY) Finish my photography course

This has made an appearance on Bucket Lists past. I have had a good camera for years now, and I learned exactly enough to be able to take a reasonable photo, and then I stopped. I’ll be honest, the technical parts of learning photography don’t really interest me. But taking beautiful photos does, especially when I’m traveling. I’d like to do my travels justice by putting in the work on my Udemy course. Finally.

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