Is your Global Entry expiring this year? Good news—renewing your Global Entry might be easier than you think. Here’s what to do.

Renewing your Global Entry 

If you’re up for renewing your Global Entry this year, you might have heard the horror stories about getting an interview. First-time applicants are caught in a huge backlog, unable to even schedule an interview, let alone complete the process. You’re probably fearing returning to the long lines as your application stalls. While the situation for first-time applicants should have never dragged on this long, you likely face an easier process in renewing your Global Entry.

I just renewed mine in less than a week, for free (with credit card statement credit). This post explains how to renew your Global Entry. I hope it goes as smoothly.

Renewing Your Global Entry

I renewed my Global Entry in less than a week

In my post about applying for Global Entry, I shared my improbable (now, totally impossible) saga of getting my initial Global Entry in less than a week. Well, my renewal followed a similar (and still totally possible) trajectory. From application through to my renewal getting approved, it took four business days.


Last week, I applied to renew my Global Entry membership, which is due to expire in September. I figured that I’d need the extra time to schedule the interview and just hoped that it would be before my benefits expired. Perish the thought of returning to the shoes-off line and waiting an eternity to go through Customs.

On Sunday afternoon, I opened up the application on my phone. I updated my information that I hadn’t already provided (the system saves your previous application and any updates to addresses, etc.). I paid the fee with my Capital One Venture card so that I would receive a statement credit covering the fee. In other words, I got my Global Entry renewed for free!

Approved! That was fast

On Thursday I received the email telling me to log into my account to view the updated status to my application. I expected to have instructions to schedule an interview, but, instead, I was told that my application was approved! I have Global Entry until 2028!

How to Renew Your Global Entry

If your Global Entry is due to expire in the next year, you are eligible to apply to renew. My advice is to do that as quickly as possible.

Gather your updated information

Information you need to have on hand:

  • Any updates to your address and driver’s license number (you should be updating this regularly on the TPP website—you don’t need to go to a Enrollment Center to do this anymore). You cannot have any gaps in your address history
  • Updates to your employment history—you cannot have any gaps (if you were unemployed for part of the time, just list it)
  • List of countries you have visited since the year you applied, excluding Canada and Mexico, and any countries you visited for less than 24 hours en route to your final destination. Do be sure to answer the question as asked, as it may change
  • If you have had any changes to your criminal history, you will need to provide that information as well

Log into your TPP account and begin

Log into your TPP (Trusted Traveler Program) account, which you would already have as part of your initial application.

If you are eligible to renew, you will see a link to start your renewal application. You are eligible to renew if your current membership is due to expire in a year or less. Click on that link to start your renewal application.

Update your information

Provide your updated information and confirm that the information is correct (you will need to click to confirm). This should go without saying, but make sure that you have been honest in your answers. They are going to do a background check and will find this information out, and you are partly being evaluated on your honesty.

Pay the fee (you can get it reimbursed!) and submit your application

Pay the required fee of $100 USD and submit your application.

If you have a travel rewards card, you can get often get this fee reimbursed in the form of a statement credit, in which case, it won’t cost you a thing.

Check your email

You will receive an email alerting you to a change in your application status (you can also check the TPP website). This will  indicate next steps, if any.

If an interview is required

If your notification tells you that you have conditional approval and need to schedule an interview, follow the instructions. You will be able to use your benefits for twenty-four months beyond your current expiration date as of this writing, so hopefully that will give you enough time to get your interview done. 

If an interview is not required

If your notification simply says that you are approved and provides you with an updated expiration date and number, CONGRATULATIONS! You have five more years to bask in the glow of Global Entry.

Activate your Global Entry card!

When your Global Entry card arrives in the mail, don’t forget to activate it! Simply log into your account (have your card handy) and activate the card link. Enter the required information from your card and click to activate. Hurrah! 

Don’t forget that your card will serve as a REAL ID for TSA purposes, which could save you a trip to the DMV. You will still need your passport for international travel, of course.

Are you renewing your Global Entry in 2023?

If you are renewing your Global Entry this year, please share your experience.  I’ll update this post as I learn new information as well. 

Need to apply for Global Entry for the first time?

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