Somerville Illuminations Tour

Every Christmas Eve, my parents and I go on a drive to see the holiday lights around the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Some streets have beautiful, tasteful displays. Others, well … they are glorious. Absolutely glorious. Seeing the blinding displays put me in the spirit.

While I will miss out on the glory in New Hampshire, Somerville does not slouch toward Bethlehem when it comes to holiday displays. The Somerville Arts Council celebrates the season with an annual Illuminations Tour of exquisite brightness. 

Normally, the tour involves a trolley with a guide, and hot chocolate at City Hall. Times being what they are, the 2020 Illuminations Tour is a “deconstructed” affair, with stops indicated on a Google map. Earlier this week, my dear pod friends (a couple who are social distancing like I am) and I embarked on our pilgrimage.

Highlights of the tour below. As you peruse, I invite you to sing a little song about Somerville, to the tune of O’ Christmas Tree. Use your best Masshole accent!

Oh Somerville! Oh Somerville! The people heah ah pissa!

Die Hard for the Holidays

Oh Little Town

Update 2023

The Somerville Illuminations tour starts 9 December for the self-guided tour. A bike tour will take place on 16 December. Check the Somerville Arts Council (SAC), for more details.