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Kitchen Gifts for the cook in your life!

Welcome to the Wonder & Sundry Kitchen Gift Guide for 2023! Here you’ll find delicious gifts for the cook in your life (if it’s you, your secret is safe with me!), from thoughtful stocking stuffers to tree-worthy pressies.

Curated from the Wonder & Sundry Kitchen Shop, these gifts are items I personally adore, and I’ve shared why I think that they would make perfect gifts. What’s on your kitchen gift wish list for this year?

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Gifts here, with the exception of Gifts that Do Good, use affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission on purchases made through these links. Shopping here supports Wonder & Sundry, and this one-woman blogging show thanks you!

Kitchen Gift Guide

Gifts that do good

The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope brings the life-saving work of World Central Kitchen to your kitchen. World Central Kitchen is my favorite charitable organization for their awe-inspiring work of heading to communities hardest hit in disasters and wars and finding ways to get food to the affected populations. All proceeds from this cookbook, which includes recipes from famous supporters, will support WCK’s life-saving work.

A donation to your cook’s local food pantry also makes a thoughtful gift.

Thoughtful small gifts and stocking stuffers

From specialty ingredients to unique tools that make cooking a joy, here’s a curated list of little things for the cook in your life that will make a big difference.


Marinated Olives

These are super practical for the solo cook. Not only perfect for single-serving cooking, they also make attractive serving dishes.


Comforting Lentil Soup

These are a cute and fun way to cheer up a pantry! Note that the “chalkboard” is more of an effect than actually erasable.

High-quality finishing oil makes a lovely gift.

Good olive oil at a good price. That’s a win-win in the gift-giving department!

Any cook in your life will love flaky sea salt in their stocking.

A zesty, yet practical, gift for the cook in your life. Great colors!



Swedish dishcloths last forever and are great for dishes and wiping up spills. These machine-washable dishcloths have colorful owls!

This is a super simple thermometer/alarm that signals when your meat has reached your designated temperature. It’s also less expensive than the other ThermoWorks models and comes in tons of cute colors.

Thermoworks Thermapen


A reliable thermometer is a key tool in any kitchen, and Thermoworks makes one of the best.


Looking for new recipes? Exploring new cuisines? A well-chosen cookbook can make for a delightful gift (maybe they’ll make you something from it!). Here’s a few that I love.

This absolute delight of a book will make the baker in your life laugh, cringe, and possibly dare to try one of these old-fashioned recipes. Hollis has amassed a popular TikTok following for a reason, and his wit translates to the page.

The cookbook that changed everything, this classic is ideal for a cook who is up for a mouth-watering challenge.

This is the ice cream bible. It’s beautiful, practical, and delicious. Perfect for anyone who wants to learn to make ice cream!

Not small, but affordable

These hardly count as stocking stuffers, but they are eminently affordable.

Pour over coffee

Makes great coffee and looks adorable on the counter.

Ingredients for Mini Gâteau au Chocolat Fondant de Natahalie (aka Mini Dark Chooclate Cake), dark chocolate, sea salt, egg, butter, sugar, flour

Mis en place makes all the difference in cooking, and these sturdy prep bowls are perfect for the job.



Perfect for your tiny-apartment dwelling person. It’s not flashy, but it will most definitely be appreciated.

Perfect size for heating leftovers or baking a half-batch of cornbread.

Hurry Up Spring Minestrone: grind spices

A small mortar and pestle is ideal for cracking spices and making small batches of pesto.

This is a great coffeemaker, and it’s super cute!

Moka pot

Not only is this little pot absolutely adorable, it also makes great coffee. Perfect for the coffee lover living in a small apartment, without room for fancy coffee equipment.

Perfect for making fluffy mashed potatoes, and who doesn’t love mashed potatoes?


If considering cast-iron gifts, you may wish to do a little recognizance around what kind of stove your cook has to ensure that they are able to use them.

Big pressies!

Your cook owes you dinner for these gifts!

Coffee setup including electric kettle and Baratza Encore burr grinder

This is a fantastic burr coffee grinder for a lot less than comparable models. I gave this to myself as a pandemic present, and I have never looked back.

KitchenAids make wonderful gifts. If you’re lucky, maybe your recipient will whip up something nice to say thank you!



KitchenAids make wonderful gifts. If you’re lucky, maybe your recipient will whip up something nice to say thank you!

A Le Creuset Dutch oven will last a lifetime and makes an incredible gift for the cook in your life.

Image shows apples, shallots, garlic, and herbs in an orange Le Creuset braiser, with the lid near by. These are ingredients for Pork Chops with Apples and Shallots in Cider and Cream

This is the pan that I reach for the most often. Perfect for braises, saucing pastas (it has higher sides), and more, this is a practical and beautiful gift that will last a lifetime.


You may wish to consult with your cook about colors or have a gift receipt in case a color exchange is needed.

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What’s on your kitchen gift wish list?

I’d love to hear what you’re wishing for this year! Let us know if the comments below!

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