December's Do Something theme is simple: giving. As it's Giving Tuesday, we've moved it up a little bit. Giving takes on many forms, including money, time, and even love. On this Giving Tuesday, I'm asking what causes you care about enough to Do Something to help and for ideas on how you do it.

Giving Tuesday

As it’s Giving Tuesday, I figured that I’d move up our Do Something post. December’s theme is simple—it’s giving.

Earlier this year, I did a course with my life coaching group that focused on achieving our dreams (I’ve talked about Emily Clement’s programs before, but I once again recommend checking them out). One of the more powerful lessons I learned from that course was the importance of giving of ourselves to others. Not because we expect anything in return, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Working to give more this year

For as long as I’ve had means to do so, I have given regularly. I donate monthly to causes I care about, and I’m pretty much always good for a GoFundMe. However, I haven’t given until it hurts. Frankly, I did the opposite. I gave enough to feel comfortable, because my gift made me feel better about me.

 This year, I’ve worked on trying to change. I’m working to give more, definitely, but I’m also working on trying to give for the right reasons.

Giving takes on different forms

Giving can take many different forms. Money in our culture is the most obvious one, but it definitely isn’t the only, or indeed necessarily, the most valuable one. We can give of our time and talents as well. We can give our love.

Giving isn’t just charity. Those GoFundMes? They’re mostly to cover medical bills. Asking why my friends and neighbors have to ask us for money in order to make ends meet in the first place, and then working to address that cause is a form of giving.

Volunteering my time

One thing I want to give more of in the next year is my time. If I’m being honest, I’m not one to raise my hand and volunteer for much, and I need to get better about it. This month, I’m going to find a volunteer opportunity and give my time. And then I’m going to keep doing it. I’m telling you about it so that I’ll actually do it.

What do you care enough to Do Something about?

I’m sharing issues that are important enough to me that I’m trying to Do Something about them in this series. On this Giving Tuesday, I’m asking you for your ideas—what are your issues? How do you give your time, talents, and resources to try and help? What will you be doing this month to give? Please let me know in the comments!

If we all Do Something and give of ourselves, we can help the causes we care about.