Allergies, I have a few. More than a few, actually, and some of them are rather serious. Thankfully, I can avoid many of my worst allergens, though it does mean that I have to ask people about cats in their homes and dodge shellfish lurking in restaurant dishes. It’s a pain, and it has a significant impact on my social life, but I can manage it.

Others, though, I can’t control. Springtime pollen (though thankfully the severity of this allergy lessened as I grpw older). Whatever blooms in August gives me such an awful headache. When the heat comes on as it gets colder, though, it stirs up dust that, no matter how hard I try, I can never fully eradicate. At some point, this irritates my sinuses. And then I get sick.

We haven’t had a frost yet, and last week we had so much rain, I think whatever bloom gives me a headache is still living. The heat has also come on.

And, now I am sick. I woke up Monday morning happy and relieved to see the sun, but within the hour, the left side of my head pounded so hard that I felt it in my teeth. Sleep was the only option. Tuesday my head felt better, but congestion replaced it. Still lots of sleep. I managed to drag myself to the polls to vote in my local election, but it required a nap afterward. My brain is borderline non-functional. The headache came roaring back early this morning, leaving me stumbling in the dark for anything that might help. Decapitation, perhaps?

Why am I telling you this? Well, partly because I’m don’t feel good, and I want your pity. But not your sinus advice. I’m a frequent flyer on the sinus circuit, and I know all of the tips and tricks. I once broke the heart of an earnest young physician’s assistant who wanted to educate me on the benefits of hot showers for a sinus infection. Unless this lasts for a week, I will not be seeking out medical attention, as I have over-the-counter remedies, and am taking multiple showers, drinking so many fluids, and am getting rest. It sucks, and I hate it, but I know what to do to treat it.

No, the reason why I’m telling you about this is because my sinuses have taught me something, and it’s the importance of rest, and the need sometimes to just stop.

When I get a sinus infection, I can’t think, let alone be productive. There’s nothing to be done, except rest. 

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m getting some rest today.

I want to work on feeling justified in taking rest when I need it when I do not have a sinus infection. I understand the importance, but there’s almost always so much guilt.

For this, I would welcome any advice you have for what works for you. Are you able to just stop when you need to, without feeling guilty? Please share.