Across the US, Republican legislatures are targeting LGBTQ+ children and families with hateful legislation. We need to Do Something to help. Here are quick actions you can take today.

Stop using LGBTQ+ children as pawns in the culture wars

We must stop using our LGBTQ+ children as pawns in the culture wars. Republicans in legislatures across the US are trying to outdo each other with bills that target children. Attacking gender and sexual identity at any age group damages people, but, especially for children, such attacks can prove deadly.

I wanted to draw attention to the Equality Act, passed by the House last year and currently in the Senate. This federal legislation would put an end to these hateful, discriminatory laws. Please call your Senators, today, and demand that support this legislation, as it appears to be stalled.

If you would prefer to write to your Senators, here’s a printable postcard you can use. Maybe do both!

If you are able, Together Rising (Glennon Doyle’s organization) is collecting donations to help support children and families targeted by these hateful laws.