Each month, as part of the Do Something series, we'll have a quick check-in with updates and practical actions you can take today to help.

Today we’re checking in on actions about hunger.


In the US,  the House passed the second part of the Build Back Better infrastructure package, which would help to address climate change, which is essential for long-term food security. It faces an uphill battle in the Senate, so it’s vital that those of us in the US contact our Senators to ensure that it passes.

Do Something Actions

Call and write your elected officials

Yes, this will be a part of every month’s actions. Call and write your elected officials this month, both national and local. Here is a printable postcard you can use.

If there is specific legislation to support (here are some national bills in the US), tell them that you support it (or, if there are harmful bills, that you oppose) and that you will vote for candidates who address hunger.

Support if you can the work of organizations addressing hunger

Here are some organizations I support to help address hunger:

 I encourage you, if you can, to try to support an organization addressing the structural issues, as well as practical problems.

One note: If you are planning to volunteer, it might be good to hold off until January (or now and January?). Many people volunteer this time of year in kitchens, but really need help after the holidays.

Please include organizations you support in the comments.

Help hyper-locally

Do you know someone who needs food? Give it to them or give them money to buy it. If you live somewhere where there are unhoused people and you can do so, carry food with you and offer it, or offer to buy someone a meal. I used to do this regularly, and I’m resolving to pick this up again.


If the structural issues around hunger are new to you, starting with learning about the UN Sustainable Development Goals can help you to start connecting the dots.

If you are hungry

Please contact me directly (sara@wonderandsundry.com). I will do what I can to help you.

Your ideas

Reader tip! A reader gave an excellent suggestion. Every time she goes to Costco, she picks up nonperishables, including goodies for kids, and drops them off her local food pantry. She’s taken a good deed and made it into a habit. This is awesome!

What are you doing to address hunger? Please let us know in the comments so that we can learn from each other.

Hunger is a huge issue. But we are not powerless to help address it if we Do Something today.