Wander Lisbon’s ancient paths

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Why You'll Love It

Modern Lisbon came about as a direct result of the 1755 Earthquake, which completely leveled most of the city. Except for Alfama. If you want to know Lisbon before the grand squares, go get lost in Alfama’s warren of narrow streets. Settled by in the Bronze Age, and then by the Romans (followed by the Visigoths) before becoming a Jewish district before they the 15th-century purge (much of Lisbon’s history is not great), Alfama’s twists and turns are from another time.

Lifelong residents and first-time visitors stroll the streets here. The area has gentrified quite a bit, but still retains its sense of history and tradition. You can hear it in the Fado music. Here is where you will find some of Lisbon’s greatest hits, as well a delicious place to get lost.

The Details

How To Get There

Take Tram 28 to Castelo and wander

Solo Female Travel

Ideal for solo female travel, strolling Alfama is a soulful experience

Know Before You Go

Give yourself plenty of time to wander

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