Plans needed to change today.

A case study in needing to be flexible

So I know that I promised a post on flexible travel planning. As it turns out, I actually needed to do some flexible travel planning of a different kind.

When we checked the weather for Montreal next weekend . . . and it was not good. Rain and thunderstorms every hour of every day we would be there.

So, we changed our flights and spent some time in the afternoon looking for alternate accommodation (we took an opportunity to change things up). We have some good leads, but still investigating. We also changed our restaurant reservations, because priorities.

It definitely proved the point that it’s always key to book things that allow you to change plans and cancel. This wasn’t really what I meant when I said that I’d post about flexible travel planning, but it is my excuse for why that post isn’t quite ready.

Plans change, and we roll with them. Back tomorrow. xo