Daily tasks to keep home tidy A tidy living room and kitchen

7 Easy Daily Tasks to Keep Your Home Tidy and Cozy

As we ease back into reality after the holidays, a tidy and cozy home helps keep everything calm. Do these 7 easy daily tasks, and you’ll enjoy your space more without breaking a sweat. Hang in there, we’re going to make it.
White closet door knob, to the closet I Knodo-ed

I Marie Kondo-ed My Closet, and Now I Can Find My Things

Have you tried using Marie Kondo’s KonMari method to organize your space? I always thought it a bit of a joke, but I’m a convert. My closet contained horror, and now I can actually find my things, because I paid attention to what I put back in there after cleaning it out. Here’s what I learned. I’d love to hear about your experiences with KonMari. Let me know in the comments!
Apple Crisp

I Organized My Spices and Made Apple Crisp

Is there anything better than homemade apple crisp on an autumn evening? Maybe the joy that comes with an organized spice rack? I’ve been on an organization kick of late, and to celebrate a simple solution to my spice organization woes, I baked up an apple crisp. Illustrated recipe included.