I’m in my hometown to celebrate some family birthdays, and I hadn’t expected my sister and her children to arrive last night. Instead of writing a post, I spent the time catching up.

My nephew has taken up 3D printing Star Wars structures, one of my nieces has learned an anime song on the piano. 

The younger one, who’d needed to go to bed last night, is currently doing Duolingo Hungarian on my phone (and amazing me with how much she’s picking up, because I learned exactly enough to get a cup of coffee).

I haven’t had a leisurely Saturday with  morning with these kids in ages. I’m going to enjoy it.

If you find yourself in your hometown for the holidays, enjoy yourself. Try to find something new to appreciate about it. Maybe learn a little history. 

And when you have a chance to practice Hungarian with a six year old in front of a roaring fire, take it.

We’ll catch up with proper posts tomorrow.